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WhatsApp Business Solutions

WhatsApp has over 1 billion users worldwide. MyStarAds is a licensed WhatsApp Solution Provider which enables businesses to engage with their customers more effectively through WhatsApp text-based communication.

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Verification Process

We make sure the business you are trading with is providing valid information and collecting and storing users information in a proper way. This includes collecting users personal and financial information. Once we are confident all is right we issue the seal.

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Trust Seal

Once certified, we will provide a link to the web site. The link display our trust seal and users can see business details and level of verification of the web site by clicking the seal.

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Connect with our customers with One API. Our One API lets you access our API as well as our Universal SMS Platform and WhatsApp Business Solution. All in one package.

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What is MyStarAds?

MyStarAds is a new company providing solutions in global mobile messaging services. We enable business to connect and engage with their customers. We provide access to over 90% mobile networks worldwide. That is over 1500 operators globally.

Multiple Interactive Platforms

We understand businesses and customers require new ways to interact with each other constantly. Our platforms enpowers our users to actively and easily stay in contact with their users at a very low price.

  • Full Control Panel
  • 24/7 Friendly Support
  • Live Monitoring + Logs
  • Easy to install and inegrate
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WhatsApp Integration Process

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API Issued

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Fixed Price Bulk SMS Sending

10,000 Bulk SMS Messages: $29.95 Only
If we are not able to verify your business you will receive %100 refund. Verification takes 3 working days. Not happy? Request a full refund within 30 days.

MyStarAds provides website owners with a SMS platform, Whatsapp Customer Management and SMS CRM.

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